Sub Sacellum

Sound installation for EUFONIA Sound Festival 2021,


Sound Circuits 2021 presents the latest sound installation of Julia Lema Barros: underneath the ground, hidden in the center of Principe Real garden (Jardim do Príncipe Real), Julia's work approaches the astonishing Reservatorio da Patriarcal and turns it into a living organism, exploring its architectural and historical proprieties through sound.

This water reservoir, built between 1860 and 1864, was designed to supply the downtown area of Lisbon; its octagon shape matches the polygon represented by the iron fencing around the lake that lies over the water deposit at the center of the Príncipe Real garden. The spouted water entered the reservoir through four openings at the bottom of the basin, which had tubes that went all the way up to the water surface and acted as drains. Julia Lema's work follows her research on ruins and abandoned spaces, bringing life to an architectural wonder.

júlia lema barros
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