Performance festival
Nürnberg, Germany


LYRIKNACHT 2019: Parasites and Artificial Intelligence
The 5th Nuremberg LYRIKNACHT - more extraterrestrial than ever!

On 26 October, the glass building of the Nuremberg Künstlerhaus will be transformed into a shimmering green spaceship: at 8:30 pm sharp, it's "take-off!" for the "LYRIKNACHT 2019". With them: 6 artists, multidimensionally on the move in "language", "sound", "dance" and "light". In a 2-hour improvisation format, film projections become poetry, poetry becomes dance and dance becomes weird sounds and noises.

The poets and artists Simone Kornappel (editor of "Randnummer") - Anne Munka (from the Leipzig reading series "Lyrik ist Happening") and the Hungarian Kinga Tóth, who like to enrich their performances with weird sounds of various (household) objects - also work with video projections. Júlia Lema Barros will take the sounds and words of her fellow artists and transform them further. Even in dance, acoustic impressions are produced: Miriam Markl is present on stage with her Soundbody method.

Speaking of the stage: strictly speaking, there won't be one in the glass building - rather several action areas that will be used simultaneously. From which perspective the visitors perceive this is left to their individual curiosity and mobility. In any case, it is advisable not to settle (for long) on a stool or cushion, but to wander freely around the performance as a whole.

júlia lema barros
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