The Lock Guitar – Log Sounds

Creation of instrument, Germany

It was not only created during a dystopian time, but it represents exactly that hybridity of the actuality; visually rough and sounding like a modern dystopia; loud, messy, and electrical.

The first idea of the log guitar was for the sound performance “Sound of Ruins” to create a sonic experience staging the urban ruin, but like almost everything in 2020 the Eufonia Sound Festival (where the performance was supposed to be presented) was postponed and we found ourselves stuck in another quarantine lockdown. We used that extra time to be more experimental with the creation of the Lock Guitar, designing its sound to be more malleable for different uses, different types of performances. To make it able to sound like and agonising electrical sound but was well more musical.

Therefore, as a representation of a time of changes, the Lock Guitar is hybrid instrument, showing both sides of the collaboration, a fusion of sound experiences, electricity, and music.

júlia lema barros
multimedia artist        ︎ ︎ ︎