Herbarium Digitalis

Audiovisual Installation 
Exhibited at Pacos Gallery 
Performed at Sub_Bar


An intriguing, immersive audiovisual installation that explores fascinating concepts relating to technology, humans and nature. It is part of an artistic approach that questions perception, cognition and the relationship between the organic and the artificial.
In the Herbarium Digitalis installation, by incorporating materials such as plants and integrating them with digital devices, the intention is to construct an interactive soundscape that blurs the boundaries between nature and technology. The installation will immerse the audience in the audiovisual illusion of parallel evolution, contemplating the silence of extinction and the complex interplay between the human footprint and the forces of nature.
I set out to create a sound installation that explores the relationship between human perception, nature and technology.

júlia lema barros
multimedia artist
julialemabarros@gmail.com        ︎ ︎ ︎