Erimos Siopi
Résidence Artistique Transparitions
Le Tholonet, France


Érimos siopi, a multimedia audiovisual installation was realised as part of the artistic residency Retreats Saint-Joseph du Tholonet, during the Biennale d'Arts d'Aix-en- Provence.

Realised in the middle of the Sainte-Victoire Mountain landscape in a former medieval Jesuit retreat, at the bottom of a hermit cave, on top of a steep hill that is difficult to access, the piece was created as part of a liquid immersion of the landscape.

Climbing the hill, with no open path, in high summer temperatures, every day during the residency became a path of pilgrimage and introspection to the prehistoric cave.

Listening to the sounds of the landscape, recording the ascent every day, began to materialise into an auditory memory of the space. Drawing inspiration from the legends of the cave as old as the mountain having been a place of Jesuit hermits, it was a sacralised space for containing a miraculous water source that cured incurable diseases. Mixing my direct experience of the space, geological history and legends, the watery rock walls became a canvas where the transparencies of memory materialised.

video here

júlia lema barros
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